My Favorite Teaching Supplies I Can’t Live Without to Get Organized

I’ve got a few teaching supplies that I use in my class to help with organization.  These resources have helped me organize my to-do list, all of my materials for the week, papers, and more!


Stop passing out papers and wasting time, seriously!  You’ve got so many other things to do, right!  So, get this little bell and you’ll never go back to passing out papers again!  Here’s what you do.  Have table groups decide who is in charge of picking up papers every day.  I tell them, “I don’t care about your system, just figure out who is in charge.”  It’s a great way to let them problem solve and they are in charge of their system so you don’t have to be.  I’m a firm believe that it’s important to give our students responsibility.  So, once they have their jobs, you ring the bell.  That person comes up, tells you how many papers they need, you give it to them, and they go back to their seats.  This all takes place in about 30 seconds.  While they are getting their papers to pass out, the other students are getting organized by getting out the materials they need.


Nothing makes me happier after making copies than putting them away in their little space.  I’m not Type-A, but I am about this little task.  There’s nothing worse than a stack of papers with no home.  So, you can make a shelf out of post office boxes like I did.  I just spray painted them, added some washi tape, and used binder clips to write the day of the week.  It’s not Pinterest worthy, but I like it!  I love that it’s wide enough to place art projects and larger items inside without breaking.  You can also buy them on Amazon.  This affiliate link (I get reimbursed for links I share) is the same shelf I have to store my copy paper.  If I hadn’t made this, I would definitely use the one I shared in the link.

Magnetic Pockets

Organize student work with magnetic pockets!  Have 5 spelling groups like I do?  Don’t stress about organizing all of the lists, just place them in these pockets.  On the front, I paper clipped the names of the students in that group.  I also use these pockets to place extra copies for absent friends and extra reading logs.  In the past, I used it to put center work inside.   They’re amazing and a must have in every class.  I love them because the entire back is a giant magnet so it holds the heaviest of papers.  But, I wish Lakeshore would step up their game and add colors other than primary into their inventory.  I added pretty paper from Michaels to make it match my class.

Filing Tray

Are you like I was a few months ago?  That teacher who had piles of unused papers and stuff just piling up on your table?  I bought this tray because I needed to get my paper pile under control!  The top moveable tray is for the day’s work.  The middle tray is for things we didn’t get to, but will later in the week.  The bottom tray is for things we use over-and-over like our dictionary and interactive notebooks.  This tray makes me look really organized!

Reusable To-Do List

Enough said!  I use this to keep track of all of those things I will forget!  It keeps me incredibly organized and I seriously think I would lose my mind without it! Just use an overhead or dry erase marker.  Snag it at no cost to you—here.

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