20 Classroom Management Tips from Teachers

Are you looking for classroom management tips that really work?  I polled the Easy Teaching Tools Facebook group and asked teachers from all over to share one tip that really works!

Are you looking for classroom management tips that really work?  Read these 20 tips that you can use in your classroom tomorrow!

I am paid a small fee from Amazon for sharing these awesome resources with you!I talked a lot about classroom management last summer and even created a free 14 day e mail series.  If you need a refresher, you can check it out here! Are you looking for classroom management tips that really work?  Read these 20 tips that you can use in your classroom tomorrow!

Get attention

1.Use a wireless doorbell to get the attention of your students.  Just plug it in, play the sound, show students what you expect when you hear that sound.  In our class, students freeze, put their hands across their chest, and look up at the teacher for instructions.  Some teachers in our Facebook group use it for transitions. (Kristen and Beth)

2. Use hand signals to save your voice! (Rowena and Kassi)

3. Try call backs, like “Class, class,” and the students respond “Yes, yes.”

4. Talk less. (Joyce)

5. Whispering or lower my voices works because students stop and listen. (Samantha)


5. Choose a mystery scholar and remind students throughout the day that you’re paying close attention, especially to that person. If the person did well all day, announce who it is. If not, let them know how sad you are that you can’t tell them. ( Debbie 2nd grade)

6. Have a Quiet manager. Student uses a sand timer and watches for the quietest student to take their spot when timer is up. (Samantha 2nd grade)

Guided Reading

7. Use a light at my teacher table when I’m working with small groups. Light on = students are not allowed to interrupt! (Jill 1st grade)
8. Use a timer to manage transitions and work completion.

On Task/Quiet

9. Want to make sure students are on task?  Or, turn an unexpected behavior into an expected behavior with proximity!! I’ve taught 7th, 8th, 2nd, a 2/3 combo, and other teachers, and it ALWAYS works! (Janet)

10. Chant: this is how my hands clap, clap, clap, this is how my hands snap, snap, snap, this is how my hands tap, tap, tap (on your knees) and this is how my hands rest in my lap. Quiets my pre-k group really well! (Jennifer)

11. Use Blurt Beans to manage students who shout out.

12. Telling kids thank you for doing something that they’re not doing but you want them to do. Like if a kid is running, say thank you for walking. Stole it from my coworker when I taught 4th last year but works great with my 2nd graders too! (Jami 2nd grade)

13. We’ve been using Blurt Cubes in our class for a few years and they work wonders!

Classroom management and engagement

14. When a student answers your question in a discussion, do not repeat them, but acknowledge their answer with “yes,” “you’re right,” etc. (2nd grade)

15. According to classroom management guru Rick Morris, just say “thank you” when students answer a question.   This shows students that all answers are welcome and will encourage all students to actively participate.  Oftentimes, when someone gives the right answer, students who had the same answer shut down and don’t share.  By simply acknowledging each student, more kids are engaged.

Are you looking for classroom management tips that really work?  Read these 20 tips that you can use in your classroom tomorrow!

Lining up

16. Use sit spots when lining up. (Debbie)

17. Line up in # order. (Shelbie)

18. Use vinyl line up dots to line up quickly. (Jill 1st grade)


19. This sound toy has worked from K-2 in my class.  Each sound signals a transition to save your voice and keep students engaged.

20. Automatic transitions and no words from me for almost everything. 2nd AM bell (we have 3) kids are cleaning up and coming to morning meeting. 3rd AM bell morning meeting leader is starting greeting. After the activity, they move into rows for reading mini lesson. If a lesson is interrupted they play sticks silently with a neighbor. 3rd party alarm clock on my phone is set to times throughout the day with certain music (starting/finishing Independent Daily Reading, lunch/recess line up, end of day) so I don’t have to keep watching the time. The music starts and they just move. The less my voice can be used for classroom management, the more it will be heard during lessons! (Jacquelynn)

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  1. I purchased the doorbell and have been using it for a week or two, the kids love it, I love it and it is working great. Next I want to get a lamp for my writing table to remind not to talk to me. Thank you to you for the blog and for all the teachers that gave tips.

  2. I like several of these ideas. Some I use and some I plan to try out next school year. We are year round and will start our next school year in July. I’m hoping some of these will help me become more efficient.